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Why Direct Mail + E-Mail Works
The brain is inundated with so many messages; it is the ones that are repeated that tend to become entrenched in our thoughts. While people learn quickly to ignore an identical message as redundant, using a different media channel to deliver a similar message is a successful way to reinforce the message.

Using E-Mail with your Direct Mail Campaign?
When purchasing a consumer list, we request you send out an e-mail marketing message at the same time. Typically we have e-mail addresses for 20% to 30% of the prospects on our mailing list.

Affordable and Effective
E-mail marketing can be 70% to 90% less expensive than direct mail. While we would not recommend using it alone, you can add e-mail to a campaign for very little money.

Answering the Four Most Common Questions about E-Mail Marketing

Is all e-mail SPAM?
No more than all direct mail is junk mail. Make an e-mail message that is to relevant to the recipient and you will get the results you are looking for.

Is a small campaign expensive?
Start-up costs are minimal. Even sending just a thousand e-mails with your direct mail can be worthwhile.

How difficult is it to make e-mail creative?
Your direct mail creative can be used as a basis for a great e-mail marketing message. No HTML is needed!

Does anyone respond to e-mail?
The object is not to get an overwhelming interest to your e-mail campaign (though you will get response!), but to increase your overall marketing ROI by combining direct mail and e-mail. Using multiple channels to promote a product or service is proven to work.