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Now that we have established the "why" of selling e-mail marketing, let’s focus on the "how". Many people are skeptical of e-mail that they may see as SPAM. First of all, let us say that a targeted e-mail campaign is no more SPAM than direct mail is "junk mail". Not everyone will want to read your e-mailed message or glossy postcard, but if the message and audience is right, there will be responders.

How to Make Your Customers Receptive to E-mail Marketing
Instead of focusing on e-mail marketing as a separate marketing expense, you should see it as a way to support and increase the results of direct mail.

With our Excelsior count system, we automatically provide estimated e-mail quantities with every mail list count request. You can see for yourselves how many e-mails are available. And with our low minimum price for an e-mail campaign, a trial won’t break the bank.

We can show you the results! It starts with our "e-mail receipt", a formal document that details when the e-mail marketing message went out and the number of people who opened or clicked on it. Then by tracking your overall response, you can determine how using a multi-channel approach increases ROI.

Now that you know the how and why of e-mail marketing, it’s time to get out there and start using it. Once you become accustomed to a combined e-mail and direct mail approach, you won’t want to try anything else.