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Here at LPB, we love direct mail marketing, but adding e-mail simply expands our products from direct mail to direct marketing and makes your company more important than ever to your customers. Here are some other great reasons why we sell e-mail marketing.

1. E-mail marketing improves direct mail response.
Studies back up the fact that when someone comes into contact with two channels of communication, be it direct mail and e-mail or radio and TV, the chance of them responding becomes much greater. Awareness, sometimes not even conscious awareness, between the separate marketing efforts triggers better brand recognition which leads to more sales.

2. E-mail marketing will enhance your bottom line.
It's simple marketing 101, adding marketing products increases sales. Also, if you can generate better ROI by using a multi-channel approach, then success rates increase.

3. E-mail marketing increases customer retention.
By making e-mail part of every direct mail campaign, you've just separated your company from your competition and through repetition, increase awareness to your potential customers... thus you've created customer retention.