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• Min. 200 / Max 5000 per day
• As many as you want to mail!
• Must be LARGER postcard with a higher cost! Any Size Postcard! 4" x 6", 5" x 7" - LESS $!
• Bundling in 50's with Special Banding • We Tray.... We Sort!
• Face Slips Every Bundle • We Sleeve & Tie Up Trays
• Research Carrier Routes & Territories • We Can Run FREE Mail Counts by any Criteria Specified
• Still have to tray with tray labels • We Build the List
You have to go to Post Office & Pick up supplies.. We take care of all supplies!
• Can Only Mail Locally with this service... • We Can Mail ANYWHERE in the U.S. you Desire.
• Postal Savings, but You Lose Valuable Work Time! • We Offer Best Postal Rates Available