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Lets Print Baby Neon Signs and LED Signs


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Neon and LED lights are very popular mostly in windows for Borders, Logos, OPEN signs and Custom Designs. Also popular for interior signage as a way to brightly and attractively direct crowds through a large facility.  LED is now very popular inside Channel Letters, replacing neon used in the past.  LED has a higher cost than traditional neon, but both are very popular here at LPB.

These custom designed and installed lights burn very brightly for strong nighttime visibility, but also glow throughout the day as well. They use a very small amount of electricity and constant use of these lit signs are very effective after your initial investment. Indoor and outdoor use continually display high visibility of products and services at retail locations and storefronts. Neon also has uses for home decor and hidden lighting.

A site survey to get complete measurements and pictures is best so that we can provide a virtual concept required to price the job and get you our client's approval. Not all towns allow neon and LED in their code.  We encourage you to discuss this first with your local zoning boards before you commit to this popular signage.