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Aprons have promotional uses covered!

We make a lot of aprons with logos from unexpected companies. Any type of business can promote with an apron. Functional and highly visible, aprons make a great canvas for a logo.

Historically, fashion has taken a back seat to function when it comes to aprons, meant to protect the fashion underneath rather than be stylish themselves. But there's a paradox here: Because they are by definition and outer layer, aprons make for great promotional vehicles - and not in the kitchen alone.

Today we do everything from aprons, smocks, and vests. All three offer the "look" desired dependent on function and use.

Who uses aprons?

- Crafters - Restaurants
- Gardeners - Bistros
- Schools - Food and Beverage Companies
- Casinos - Carpenters
- Parking Lot Attendants - Actors

...Many other uses!