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Carved Signs and Sandblasted Signs, LPB Graphics Inc., Iselin NJ


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Carved Signs create a "unique" and "rich" look only this technique can offer. These techniques introduce a dimensional effect to your sign with the carving out of lettering or the raising of lettering - whatever effect you hope to achieve. Gold leafing can enhance the lettering along with a multitude of painted colors. Signs are constructed of top-grade, solid urethane sign-board. This is a material that far outlasts any wood structure, yet has identical appearance and finishing characteristics.

We can no longer recommend the use of redwood for exterior carved signs. Environmental restrictions on the cutting of these trees has resulted in very poor grades of wood available to all shops. Redwood is no longer the "time-tested" material it had been and we now consider it a very poor choice for exterior signs.

Rigid-urethane sign board has been available for almost 30 years and has proven itself far superior in durability to any wood. Unlike all woods, urethane cannot warp, crack or rot.

There are many outdoor applications for residential and business locations. These signs are a great solution for a town where electrical signs are not permitted.