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Lets Print Baby Plaques, Name Plates and Monument Plaques


Plaques are signage which reward, add prestige to any building or development, memorialize a loved one or commemorate a historic place, and can also decorate any wall to promote a brand. Once the use for the plaque is clarified, the selection begins.

Designed in any shape, plaques can be manufactured several different ways, the most popular being made out of bronze, aluminum, brass, ceramic, wood, plastic, or granite. The printing or finishing techniques are also quite diversified, dependent on the look, finish, budget and graphic desired for this type of signage.

The techniques and finishes to consider are raised, cast, etched, polished, bas relief, photo relief, flat relief, laser engraved, and can also have 3-dimensional letters and vinyl graphics applied to provide a contemporary or classic look. The use of black and the decor usually determine the best technique for this type of sign.

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