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Fill out the questionnaire below for the initial consultation or download a high resolution PDF.

Company Name:
Contact Name:
Existing Website:
Do you currently have an existing site?      
Do you have an existing domain name?      
If yes, what is the name of the website? If no, what are several domain names you are interested in?
Does your website need to be hosted?      
Please tell us your likes/dislikes about your current website.
What are some examples of similar websites that you like?
(These do not have to be sites whose business are the same as yours)
Do you have all the content, information, images & graphics written and prepared to be placed on your website?
Do you have current (printed or disk) promotional pieces? (Brochures, Flyers, Catalogs, etc.)   
If yes, please bring these to the initial consultation.
What kind of time frame are you looking at for completion of the website?
Do you have a budget? If so, how much?   
What is the approximate size of the website you are looking for?
What is the nature of your business? Briefly describe your products and services.
What will be the purpose of this website?
Do you have a company/product logo?   
Will your website have a shopping cart?   
If yes, will it accept credit cards?       Paypal?   
Once your website is complete and operational, how do you intend to maintain it?
Wil your website require any marketing promotion?   
If yes, what kind of budget have you allocated for it?

Click on the picture below to download a high resolution PDF.
Fill out the questionnaire and bring it with you to the initial consultation.